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Schools Of Excellence Podcast

Apr 20, 2021

Let’s face it, when a teacher starts to cry during a difficult conversation, it can make even the most experienced school owner uncomfortable.  It’s hard to know what to do, and our own emotional reactions can get in the way of thinking clearly. 

In today's episode, I tackle the second shield used by teachers when a difficult conversation comes up - crying. It's not the actual conversation that causes the response; it is the belief of what's actually happening. And a lot of times, when leaders are having such difficult conversations, they tend to stop the moment any emotion is expressed. They have a belief that emotion signifies that the employee is not in a place to receive feedback right now. But it's not true. Let them express their emotion and then pick up the conversation when they have regrouped themselves. We want to start being okay with the tears, and the emotions, and the discomfort that comes with holding difficult conversations. 

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Why teachers cry during difficult conversations
  • What to (and not to) do when a teacher starts expressing emotions during tough conversations
  • How to validate and honor your employees’ feelings and still hold them accountable
  • And so much more!

In next week’s episode, I’ll be talking about the third shield of difficult conversations - deflection. If you didn’t have a chance to check out the first shield, listen to last week’s episode!

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