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Schools Of Excellence Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

We all need a sense of belonging. And when new teachers come in, they come with this innate human need to belong to a community. So how do you, as a school leader, facilitate this?


In this episode, I share tips on how you can create a culture of belonging at your school. Remember, just because your new teachers are on...

Mar 21, 2022

It’s the 1 year anniversary of the Schools of Excellence podcast! What a perfect time to reflect on how far this show has come, because this is a huge milestone at the Schools of Excellence. We just wrapped and returned from the Summit of Excellence which was held at the beginning of March. As I unpack and process...

Mar 14, 2022

You pride yourself on how freely your staff can come to talk to you, right?

As a school leader, you always want to be seen as an approachable and available director or owner that makes your staff feel heard.

The “open door policy” has trickled into our school culture, because we think that it makes our staff feel...

Mar 7, 2022

This is a re-air of one of the most downloaded episodes in my special summer series that originally aired last year. I wanted to bring this back for those who are newer listeners. 


This summer series was all about the different ways that you can prepare yourselves for an upcoming school year. After nearly two decades...