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Schools Of Excellence Podcast

Aug 24, 2021

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something different? Did you know that your life begins where your comfort zone ends? While it is easy to develop a routine and stick to it, switching things up and putting yourself out there will open more opportunities for you and your school. 

In today’s episode, I talk about the 5 signs you are too comfortable and need to take some risks. Taking risks isn’t exactly fun (at least not for most people), but it’s a necessary part of life. In fact, risk is pretty much built into every aspect of life. SO how can you get more comfortable with taking risks? Tune in to learn more!

In a nutshell I talk about:

  • Why failure needs to be in your vocabulary in order to grow as a leader.
  • How lack of questions is an indicator of you not pushing yourself enough.
  • Why you should pay attention to your thought process when you encounter an obstacle.
  • How to lead with questions rather than answers


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More about the show:

If you are an Early Childhood director or owner, prepare to transform your school and life with the Schools of Excellence podcast. Tune in each week to learn from Chanie Wilschanski, the founder and host of the Schools of Excellence Podcast and a mom of 4 little kids. Each episode will be packed with tools and strategies – equipping you to build schools with higher staff retention, teacher motivation, parent partnership, collaborative culture, and a beautiful quality of life. 


Every week, Chanie shares the truth about the journey to excellence, the strategies that are working TODAY, and the mindset about the critical decisions and choices that you make everyday which impact yourself, your teachers, parents, family, and children who you serve everyday.