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Schools Of Excellence Podcast

Jun 27, 2022

There are few things more heartwarming than seeing a child beam with confidence after overcoming a challenge.


You can see the shift happen almost instantly—their eyes light up, they smile widely, and they stand just a little bit taller.


It’s as if they believe that from that moment forward, they can do anything...

Jun 20, 2022

As a leader, you need to learn how to separate yourself from your team. Because if you try to stay at the same level as your teachers or the other staff, your business will implode.


In this special three-part series titled You Are Not the Only One, we open the closed doors to real stories of real people so we...

Jun 13, 2022

When was the last time you felt truly seen?


I’m talking about the type of connection where you feel heard, validated, and unafraid of being judged—where you feel safe enough to be fully vulnerable.


For me, it was when I met up with my friend from high school during a conference in Dallas. We rented an Airbnb,...

Jun 6, 2022

Today’s episode will help enlighten you on planning the school year with discernment and wise decision-making filters. Because if we don't filter, everything becomes important, we then lack focus, and it's difficult to plan and be prepared. This invites chaos, uncertainty, and a lot of ambiguity into the day or year...