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Schools Of Excellence Podcast

Sep 22, 2022

Everyone experiences a variety of emotions throughout the day. Whether it’s anxiety before a dentist appointment, excitement when we find $20 in our pocket, or disappointment when our favorite coffee cup breaks, emotions come and go—and it’s entirely normal.


There’s no such thing as a good or bad emotion....

Sep 19, 2022

What does it mean to be generous?


Oftentimes the first thing people think of is financial generosity. They believe that to be a generous leader, they need to focus on philanthropy.


But while financial generosity is a type of generosity, it’s certainly not the only one. Sharing your knowledge, time, and resources...

Sep 13, 2022

One of the most important skills I help owners and directors develop is discernment.

But…what exactly does that mean?

Let me give you an example: Two different patients go to the doctor with a headache. One of the patients is suffering from a hangover, and the other has a brain aneurysm.

How does the doctor...

Sep 5, 2022

Some of my biggest coaching Aha! moments happen when I talk to my kids.


Earlier this summer, my son came to my husband with a question that was bothering him. His friend hadn’t been accepted into summer camp, and he wanted to understand why.


My husband answered that, unfortunately, our son’s friend didn’t have...