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Schools Of Excellence Podcast

Sep 7, 2021

Welcome back to the new school year! After the roller coaster ride of the past school year, school leaders will be bracing themselves for all kinds of challenges this year. However, what still seems to be missing is the ability to reflect: to stand back and consider issues deeply – and to look honestly at themselves as leaders. It isn’t surprising that school leaders find this difficult, given the unparalleled changes businesses have faced in recent years. 

In today’s episode, I take a moment to remind you why you need to schedule 15-minute meetings with yourself in this new school year. A meeting with yourself can be very casual. The main point of the meeting is to set aside enough time to really reevaluate the goals you’ve set for yourself (and your team) and decide which to keep pursuing and which to move, reevaluate, or terminate altogether.

In a nutshell, I talk about:

  • How to focus on the big picture during your personal meetings.
  • Critical questions to consistently ask yourself for a better life.
  • Why you shouldn’t talk about your dreams with people whose job is to protect you.
  • How to rewire your brain to become the leader that you've always wanted to be.

… and so much more!


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

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More about the show:

If you are an Early Childhood director or owner, prepare to transform your school and life with the Schools of Excellence podcast. Tune in each week to learn from Chanie Wilschanski, the founder and host of the Schools of Excellence Podcast and a mom of 4 little kids. Each episode will be packed with tools and strategies – equipping you to build schools with higher staff retention, teacher motivation, parent partnership, collaborative culture, and a beautiful quality of life. 


Every week, Chanie shares the truth about the journey to excellence, the strategies that are working TODAY, and the mindset about the critical decisions and choices that you make everyday which impact yourself, your teachers, parents, family, and children who you serve everyday.