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Schools Of Excellence Podcast

Nov 1, 2021

What does it mean to have a good work ethic? 


In today’s episode, I share a special conversation from my Owners Only membership program with Scott Wayman.


Scott is the Founder and CEO of Kangarootime, and in this week’s episode, we talk about redefining work ethic and both of our personal definitions of it. We dive into cultural norms, how to shift the narrative and the conversation around work ethic, and ways to lean into conflict and really understand what building and sustaining schools of excellence entails. I hope you enjoy this enlightening interview.


We also discuss:


  • Redefining work ethic and what it means to be a good employee.
  • Components of not working yourself to death.
  • Culture, work-life integration, and understanding the quality of life that our employees have. 
  • Holding your staff accountable and how to be intentional about it.
  • Creating a culture of transparency and normalizing what it means to have difficult conversations.


… and so much more!


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