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Schools Of Excellence Podcast

Sep 19, 2022

What does it mean to be generous?


Oftentimes the first thing people think of is financial generosity. They believe that to be a generous leader, they need to focus on philanthropy.


But while financial generosity is a type of generosity, it’s certainly not the only one. Sharing your knowledge, time, and resources is generous too, and the things you choose to share say a lot about who you are.


Unfortunately, though, our education system teaches people that the way to get ahead is to leave others behind. Instead of pooling our assets to benefit the community, we’re taught to work in stingy isolation to climb the ladder of success.


This sets a precedent that leaves leaders wary of generosity before they even step into the role. They unknowingly shut down their capacity for generosity, become overly critical of themselves and others, and have a hard time forgiving mistakes.


While this mindset can bring you some success, it’s not the most effective way to move forward—let alone build a legacy.


To be the type of leader who sustains a school of excellence, you need to build a culture of generosity at your center.


So, what exactly does that look like?


Let me explain using a parenting example (because they so often lend themselves to matters of school leadership).


Let’s say that you buy your child that Nintendo (That’s a thing, right?) they’ve been going on and on about. You bring it home, set it up in the living room, and leave him or her to play alone.


Is that what would happen in your household? 


Consider this for a moment: What would happen if it didn’t stop there? What if by giving some of your time, you used it as an opportunity to connect on a deeper level and strengthen your relationship by playing together?


That is generosity.


And by cultivating a culture of generosity at your center, you can experience the same kind of beneficial connection between you and your staff.


This week’s podcast, the fifth of my B.R.I.D.G.E. series about developing critical meta-skills as a 21st century leader, will explore how to practice generosity in your center.


Join me as we talk about:


  • The benefits of generosity
  • How to be a more generous leader
  • The “generous silence” and resisting the temptation to fix
  • The difference between generosity and neglect
  • Questions you can use to reflect on your own generosity


Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes by the late designer Zeev Aram: “I’ve never found that my own light has been dimmed by lighting someone else’s candle.”


In other words, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by becoming a more generous leader.


Learn more and apply for the Director’s Inner Circle & Owner’s HQ:   

 If you’re looking for inspiration in practicing your own generosity, I encourage you to check out our Owner's Only HQ or Director's Inner Circle programs. These groups are made up of leaders just like you who see the value in sharing their insight, advice, and feedback with others.

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