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Schools Of Excellence Podcast

Mar 11, 2021

Listen to Session 4 of the Build to Last Workshop in today’s episode on The Schools of Excellence Podcast where Chanie  walks you through work life integration as a school leader, and why you don’t have to sacrifice your time with your kids, spouse, or family to build the school of your dreams. 

And today I’m teaching on a topic that is near to my heart and from the biggest pain points of leaders all around the world.

The quest to integrate our home life and our work life.

In today’s session I prompted you to ask yourself:
- How do my 2 worlds integrate so I can show up as my best self in both areas?
- Who am I committed to being when I show up everyday at school?
- How do I want to FEEL when I show up in my home at the end of the day?

If you are ready to stop sacrificing time with your family and yourself so that you can show up how you want to in both areas, I walk you through exactly how to do this inside of the DIrector’s Inner Circle and Owners Only HQ memberships.

So what do you get when you join the program?

  • Pyramid of Excellence Roadmap & hundreds of Video Training, done for you
  • Systems, grab and go resources, available to you in each stage of growth
  • Curated Community with other Directors who are ready to support and elevate you
  • Weekly Strategic Advisory with Chanie
  • Monthly Training with Mentor Coach


  • Time Mastery Training - Bring your calendars as we’ll be time-blocking & setting our days up for success
  • Standards Creation Training - How to plan, create, and execute standards and how to hold the team accountable
  • Conflict Training: How to help your team resolve conflict and lead difficult conversations
  • Effective Meetings Training: How plan, lead and succeed in every meeting
  • Collaboration & Connection Calls with the Community on timely issues
  • Gratitude - Co-work and define what your gratitude objectives and plan is for the upcoming month
  • Insider Shares: Training session led by members on a system or process that they have implemented in their school
  • Networking: Book Club, Handbook Creation, teacher roles & responsibilities, connection challenges
  • Support Call with Chanie - Submit your question and receive real-time feedback
  • Guest Experts Sessions on Topics like:


Mental Health


and Mindset

  • Accountability Coach to help you move through the journey of our Pyramid of ExcellenceTM Roadmap by guiding you to your next action steps so you get results in every stage of growth in your school. She’ll be your personal cheerleader every step of the way,

If you feel that you may be a good fit for the program then I encourage you to apply. 

Sometimes we feel that we may be ready or maybe we should wait for a quieter time?


It’s ALWAYS a busy time - things don’t get quiet down

So if you are ready to say no more excuses and show up for yourself - then check it out. 


Apply HERE for the Directors Inner Circle or Owners HQ. 

Once you submit your application we will jump on a right fit call to determine if you are a good fit for the program. 


Click here to download the workbook for the Build to Last Workshop that walks you through today’s session.