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Schools Of Excellence Podcast

Jul 11, 2022

As a mom of four, it often feels like I’m supposed to have all the answers.


Whether it’s a homework problem, an argument with a friend, or making the monster under the bed go away, my kids trust that I’ll know exactly what to do.


When people look to you as a leader, it’s easy to put pressure on yourself to get it right every time. You may even fear that getting it wrong could have disastrous consequences.


But in reality, decision-making is a skill that you build over time. 


And that means two things: 


The first is that you’re going to make mistakes. Trust me, I know—I make them all the time!


But the second is that, like any skill, there are things you can do to become a better decision maker and show up for your team in a more impactful way.


In this week’s bonus podcast episode, I explore different ways you can learn to make better decisions, so you can continue building a school of excellence. 


We’ll talk about:


  • How the way you frame problems affects your decisions
  • Why you shouldn’t rush into decisions
  • The power of reflecting on your choices
  • The benefit of seeking wise counsel 


Becoming a better decision maker isn’t about having all the answers—it’s about learning the strategies that will lead you to make more informed decisions.


Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

 Decision-making and other types of mindset development are something that everyone on your team can benefit from. Help teachers think about their work in a new way with our Reflective Questions for Teachers:


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More about the show:

If you are an Early Childhood director or owner, prepare to transform your school and life with the Schools of Excellence podcast. Tune in each week to learn from Chanie Wilschanski, the founder and host of the Schools of Excellence Podcast and a mom of 4 little kids. Each episode will be packed with tools and strategies – equipping you to build schools with higher staff retention, teacher motivation, parent partnership, collaborative culture, and beautiful quality of life. 


 Every week, Chanie shares the truth about the journey to excellence, the strategies that are working TODAY, and the mindset about the critical decisions and choices that you make every day which impact yourself, your teachers, parents, family, and children who you serve every day.